Al-27 (p,p)

The 27Al(p,p) cross section has a lot of narrow resonances in the whole energy range of IBA interests. A typical width of the resonances is 1 to 10 keV. In order to obtain the detailed 27Al(p,p) excitation function the results of the high resolution proton resonance measurements published in Phys. Rev. C29 (1984) 1656 are used. The calculations are made in the frameworks of the R-matrix theory for 0.9-1.8 MeV energy range. The benchmark experiment reported in NIM B190 (2002) 237 confirmed both the consistency of the theoretical cross sections with the results of posterior measurements and the necessity of the detailed knowledge of the cross section fine structure for the adequate simulation of backscattering spectra.

Last update 12-11-2013