Ar-40 (p,p)

Broad anomalies were observed in the experimental data for proton elastic scattering from Ar-40 [VAL59, FRI58, BAR61] in the energy range from 1.72 to 2.75 MeV. The fine structure of the anomalies seen in the evaluated curve is based on the resonance parameters taken from the NuDat 2.5 data base. The evaluated curve closely reproduces the results of the high resolution measurements [COH63] made for the structure located around ~1.9 MeV. It should be noted that measured at sparse points data [FRI58, BAR61, COH63] are inconsistent with the cross-section even when it is averaged

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[FRI58] G.D. Frier, K.F. Famularo, D.M. Zipoy, J. Leigh, Phys. Rev. 110 (1958) 446.
[BAR61] A.C.L. Barnhard, C.C. Kim, Nucl. Phys. 28 (1961) 428.

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