For potassium only one work was found [MEI70] where the results of the cross section measurement for proton elastic scattering were presented in arbitrary units. In the process of the evaluation these data were normalized against theory. Some of the resonance parameters were taken from the NuDat 2.5 data base. Since the data [MEI70] reveals much more complicated structure than can be accounted for by the resonances listed in NuDat 2.5 additional resonance were added in the calculations as was required in order to closely reproduce experimental points. As far as experimental data are available for one only angle the spin and parity values assigned to the added resonances may be incorrect. Consequently the results of the evaluation are reliable in the vicinity of the scattering angle of 168o, for which experimental data were obtained.

[MEI70] R.J. De Meijer, A.A. Sieders, H.A.A. Landman, G. De Roos, Nucl. Phys. A155 (1970) 109.

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