The available experimental information on the proton elastic scattering from 14N in the energy range up to 5 MeV was compiled. The critical analysis of the revealed discrepancies was performed taking into account the applied experimental technique and possible error sources. Based on this, the apparently reliable experimental points were selected. Model calculations with comparison and fitting to the experimental data were used for parameterization of the cross section. The R-matrix theory was employed in the calculations, the phase shifts calculated for Saxon-Woods potential well being substituted for commonly used hard-sphere ones in order to take into account direct potential scattering. The result of the evaluation is that the required excitation functions for proton elastic scattering from nitrogen may be calculated for any scattering angle with reliability exceeding that for any individual measurement. The results of the evaluation for nitrogen (p,p) cross section were published in NIMB 266 (2008) 1193-1197

Last update 10-09-2010