The experimental differential cross-sections for elastic scattering of protons from neon were found in only two papers [Lam72,Val60]. The gas of natural abundance (90.92% of 20Ne) was used in both cases. The available data sets are in a reasonable agreement though it is evident that the cross-section structure was partly missed in Ref. [Val60] due to insufficient energy resolution.

[Lam72] M. Lambert, P. Midy, D. Drain, M. Amiel, H. Beaumevielle, A. Dauchy, C. Meynadier, J. Phys. 33 (1972) 155.
[Val60] A.K. Valter, A.S. Deineko, P.V. Sorokin, A.Ya. Taranov, Izv. Acad. Nauk 24 (1960) 884 (in Russian).

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