The cross section for the elastic scattering of protons was measured in [FAN88, COH63]. The resonance fine structure was investigated in [VER73]. Significant discrepancies are observed in the results of the measurements [FAN88, COH63]. The data [FAN88] show some dip at proton energy about 1.3 MeV whereas the data [COH63] reveal a bump centered at approximately 1.75 MeV. Besides the results [COH63] are in average higher than Rutherford cross section whereas the points measured in [FAN88] oscillate around Rutherford cross section at low energy. There are all reasons to believe that the cross section for proton elastic scattering from phosphorus should in average follow the Rutherford formula in the studied energy range. On the other hand, the information on resonance parameters taken from the NuDat 2.5 data base (http://www.nndc.bnl.gov/nudat2/), shows that some of the resonances are extremely narrow and so they could not be adequately reproduced in the measurements. In addition no indication on the origin of the dip at 1.3 MeV or of the bump at 1.75 MeV was found in the nuclear structure data. The evaluated curve gives theoretical prediction of the cross section behavior rather than is derived from the experimental data.

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